A Dinky Dress

written by Rachel Lamb
7 · 19 · 12

Earlier in the year there was a large, bright orange thing in the sky, I think it was called ‘sun’ and we felt lovely and warm when those rare things called ‘rays’ came out of the ‘sun’ and touched our skin?

These pictures prove that at some point this year the sun did shine in my work studio, enough for me to take some pictures there without the fetching orange glow of the overhead lightbulb.

Before I go on though, re my last post – thanks for all your kind messages of all types, they were so thoughtful and supportive. I was concerned a bit about posting about the situation, but now I’m glad I did, and if you have been trying to make contact, I hope it helped explain my absence.

This dress was made for Jo back in the early part of the year. You may recall seeing a snap of this in a work in progress post a while ago – I couldn’t resist showing a peek of it then.

It was for a small and intimate ceremony.
No fuss.

I love this dress. It’s dinky and cute…

…and the lace is so pretty and light.

The under layer is a dusty peachy pink silk, (just noticed that old faithful Betty [the dummy] is listing slightly in this shot, she has seen a lot of service so it’s not surprising)

with the ivory lace over the top.

For me, it’s the kind of dress that inspires further designs in differing proportions. A long version with a full skirt would be interesting, or a slim version with no sleeves perhaps…?

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