A-Line Skirt

written by Rachel Lamb
8 · 17 · 12

I recently made myself an A-line skirt.

I made it using pink corduroy that I found in John Lewis fabric department. When I was in the shop it looked more red than it actually is, at home and in daylight I find it’s a fairly dazzling pink! But that’s OK.

I’m often asked if I make my own clothes and I wish I could say ‘Why yes, all of them!’ but sadly, lack of (non wedding dress making, relaxing) time is the issue.

I drafted the pattern myself and made it using the simplest methods I could, as speed is of the essence for me when making anything for myself, otherwise it runs the risk of being consigned to ‘a cupboard’ and forgotten, not unlike my knitting 😉

I’m 5′ nothing, so I often find getting skirts and trousers a trial because:
a) I don’t want to take them up.
b) There is often a decorative trim at the hem that, although lovely, I would have to either cut off or unpick somehow and move, and that’s not likely to happen.
c) The proportions are slightly off – e.g. the widest part of the skirt is not where my widest part is, and so forth.

So a simple design is the way forward in my book, then embellishment can be added if desired.

I’m thinking of posting a tutorial about how to draft a pattern for an A-line skirt. It’s really very easy to make a pattern that actually fits you, and can be used over and over, and adapted. Once you’ve got the pattern done, it’s also fairly easy to make the skirt. If you’re interested, do please drop me an email or leave me a comment.

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