A varied month of sewing

written by Rachel Lamb
11 · 04 · 13

It’s been a busy few months of adaptation work wise. I’m someone who has always felt comfortable with entire open days of practical work time that enable me to really get my teeth into finishing something big reasonably quickly. With family around – school days and holidays, this isn’t really feasible these days, so I’ve been practicing working within the time I actually have available. Sounds obvious doesn’t it? But it’s something that up until recently, didn’t come easy to me. I really do have to practice it! However, recently my brain has started to slot things into place – prioritise – and it’s becoming easier.
What has happened is that shorter periods of time have enabled me to get on with some of the smaller projects I always have on the go and never finish, such as the headbands above. They are work in progress. These have been on the cards for a while as alternatives to headdresses or tiaras. I will find someone with a beautiful head to photograph them on!

Bunting – ivory, double sided, made from silk and lace. I’ve made various lengths and the bunting tape is very strong, so could be tied around rough stuff if you like, like trees etc.

A new two piece outfit for my Collection consisting of an ivory strapless silk dress with a belted lace, buttoned-backed, long sleeved blouse over the top. I have named it Emily for now. The idea being that if desired, one could take off the blouse later in the evening and have a simple strapless dress underneath, which is worn with the lace belt from the blouse.

I’ve not finished this outfit yet, hence the images only of the top layer and top half of it. I’m thinking of putting some simple pearl beading around the neckline of the under-dress, so that it’s a bit more interesting if the blouse layer is removed. What do you think?

This dress is a fishtail shape, but the concept could easily be adjusted for a different shaped skirt shape if you liked?

I’m interested in your feedback, so if you’d like to comment or have any ideas, please do share.

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