Abi’s Dress (& Shoes)

written by Rachel Lamb
7 · 27 · 12

Here is Abi on her wedding day at Madingley Hall in Cambridge, the grounds of which are much bigger and more formal than I realised (lots of pleasing clipped, topiary shrubs etc if you like that sort of thing – I do).

Abi is wearing a strapless version of one of my collection dresses (called Tallulah), which is made from ivory silk taffeta.

For Abi I made the beading denser than the sample dress and the actual beaded area is bigger too, so although she chose an existing design, it was adapted to suit her. The above shot shows the beading during manufacture.

This dress was the perfect choice for Abi because the pleating at the waist showed off her figure really well.

But what is this I see? Shock, horror! First she’s running – which just shows how easy to wear my dresses are… and those shoes don’t seem to match her dress! 😉

Aren’t they fab? I’m a great fan of brides wearing different coloured shoes and accessories. (I once had a bride who wore big blue knickers under her dress, but that’s another story and she didn’t send me any pictures of them, so you’ll just have to trust me on that one!)

Abi’s pictures were taken by Dominic Whiten who also kindly sent these images over for me to show you, so if you like the look of Dominic’s work, do have a look at his site.

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