written by Rachel Lamb
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This is the dress that I was beading in my last post. I’ve named it Amica. All my dresses are named because its easier to identify them (and in my opinion, more fun than numbers). Some are easy to name and at other times I find myself consulting baby names books, but that’s another post…

Originally this was going to be a dress with cap sleeves, but as I was making the calico toile (see below), I couldn’t decide.
This is a type of fishtail dress and is available to order as is, or with variations.
Here’s a close up of the beading I showed you last week:
Amica is made from ivory Thai silk, which is nice and smooth and has more of a matt look than many other silks. I wanted this dress to look elegant and simple.
Eventually I compromised with the sleeves and made this sample dress with detachable sleeves so it can be ordered with or without and you can actually see how that might look. I think it would also look good as a strapless dress too.


With and without sleeves.

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