Bespoke green silk floral wedding dress

written by Rachel Lamb
4 · 08 · 24

I am excited to show you this bespoke green silk floral wedding dress I fashioned for bride Emma for her wedding with husband David in the summer of 2022.


Bride wearing a green floral wedding dress with her groom

Crafted with care and with comfort in mind, I designed a handmade bespoke green silk floral wedding dress for Emma. I have lots of images of the fittings for this floral wedding dress which are useful to show you the process of creating the dress.

Bride and Groom with their confetti pony

Emma and David used the very cute Joey Confetti Pony at their wedding.

Bride Emma wanted to wear something different for her wedding to David. So together we designed a wedding dress with a traditional and relaxed silhouette that was easy to wear but incorporating colours that were more unusual and evoking the freshness of a summer day.




As with all my commissions, I start by making a toile which is a calico prototype of the dress shape.  I work like this so I can check the fit and the design are correct. Here is Emma wearing her toile at her second fitting. The toile is created from the precise measurements I take of each client at the start of the process.


2nd Fitting Calico Toile


bride wears her bespoke wedding dress prototype toile


3rd Fitting Green Silk


bride at her wedding dress fitting wearing her part made dress


Here is Emma at her 3rd fitting. After making any alterations necessary to the toile and pattern, I have cut the green silk under-layer ready for her to try on. You can see in the above image that bride Emma has two different sleeves, one of silk and one of lace. I often offer this for brides when they are unsure of which option to go for. In Emma’s case, she was choosing between a silk sleeve with a lace overlay, or a sleeve with the lace only.



4th Fitting – Almost There



It gets exciting at the 4th fitting for this bespoke green silk wedding dress. This is where we’re placing the lace over the silk. The petals on the lace are delicate and each stitch is imbued with care. I place the lace to suit the shape of the body.


Close up of green silk floral lace wedding dress


The Wedding Day



I hope this has helped inspire you if you are considering a bespoke wedding dress or outfit for your celebration.

Wedding photos are by Kim Hawkins Photography. 


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