written by Rachel Lamb
2 · 07 · 12

I mentioned in a previous post that I would be photographing hair accessories on my sister’s head, well due to the snow at the weekend I’ve had no sister’s head to photograph my hair accessories on, so those will have to wait until a suitable head comes along.

Instead I thought I’d show you a couple of designs I’m thinking of making as samples:

Given the recent weather, this top one might be a good idea for a winter wedding as it has long sleeves. I intend it to be a floppy dress, made of silk crepe. It could also work well made with an all over lace as well. I see it as quite a sophisticated dress suitable for multiple venues.

This one I’ve had in my files for ages, but not got around to making yet. Its quite a traditional look, and again has little cap sleeves which I like. I love the back. I see it as a church wedding dress, very feminine. A ‘proper’ wedding dress, but simple. Those are big pleats on the skirt, not gathers. The flower/corsage details are tbc and won’t be worked out until its manufactured, but something can go in these areas of the design, I’m open to suggestion…
On re-reading the top of this post, I notice it looks like my sister may have met with an horrific accident in the snow – she is well and intact, but decided not to travel! ;)

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