Fairytale Wedding

written by Rachel Lamb
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Did you dream of your wedding dress when you were small? Some do, some don’t. Today I’m going to show you someone who did.
Perhaps you read the title and thought instantly of some sort of extremely fluffy ‘princess’ style fairytale look, well you’re a tiny bit off the mark, for although she’s very beautiful, this bride’s dress is what I consider to be quite a modern and simple look, based on a modern fairy story.
I’ll leave the story until the end to see if you recognise it.

Meet Zoe – here she is prior to the ceremony.

Here’s a close up of the back of her dress.
Guessed the story yet?
We made a few changes to the fabrication and details within the dress, but essentially its very close to the original imagery.
All pictures of Zoe (apart from the last two) are taken by her photographer John Harris. A huge thanks to John for sending me these images and allowing me to use them. If you’re looking for a wedding photographer, do have a look at John’s site for more info.
I love this picture above – so atmospheric and autumnal.
Zoe’s dress was made of a mix of white silk dupion for the main body of the dress and white satin for the collar, cuffs and bow. The skirt was overlaid with a white tulle.
Don’t they look cosy? She shines like a jewel in the warm glow of the light.
As always, I like to show you a picture of the calico dress toile (prototype), so you can get an idea of how we started the project. This is the 2nd toile so alterations had already been made. You can see on this toile that I added a pointy cuff, which we then changed to a flatter version during the fittings.
Well, if you didn’t guess the story, here it is…

…it was Edward Scissorhands!
If you could choose a dress or outfit from a story – what would it be? I’d love to know…

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