Gaia Dress

written by Rachel Lamb
3 · 03 · 10
I’ve added a new dress to my window display. Take a look over there to the right…see it?

This dress has been in my collection in various forms for a few years now. It’s SO popular! I think what clinches it is it’s so easy to wear, the little cap sleeves are very cute and feminine and the lace is lightweight and not too intense. I call it a ‘skipping through the fields with daisies’ dress! It can be made in various ways – as is, strapless, sleeveless or change the neckline shape if you like. I think this adaptability is what has also kept it such a popular design. It’s wonderfully understated and comfortable, and has no boning, although if you fancy a bit of support, it can be adapted to include a boning layer.

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