written by Rachel Lamb
1 · 26 · 12

Many of you who have visited me for appointments and fittings will more than likely have received a greeting from, or had your departure acknowledged by Dolly. Among other ‘hobbies’, she liked to stare at, miaow at, purr loudly to and generally be a bit of a flirt with all manner of bridal customers, whether they were interested or not.

After a swift decline, Dolly died last week and we are very, very sad; to say she was loved is an understatement. If that wasn’t sad enough, it felt compounded by the fact that our other cat, Bruno (equally adored), died two days before Christmas. They came to us together as rescue cats and it seems they have gone together as well.

Although they weren’t allowed in my workroom, Dolly especially was a faithful ‘waiter’ outside the door, always ready to greet me or a client everytime one of us went in or out the door. Perhaps it was because she was a girl 🙂 Bruno preferred getting up to no good in the barns that surround us, and was less interested in bridalwear as a rule.


Working from home, they were part of my working day as well as our home life. They were good companions and their ghosts haunt me at the edge of my vision.

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