My Studio in January

written by Rachel Lamb
2 · 04 · 16

Well it’s February already, and feels a bit late to be saying Happy New Year! But there you go, better late than never! I hope you had a good festive season.

January always feels like a strange month, quiet yet productive. I’ve been working on a wedding dress and coat combination that is now almost finished, but the wedding hasn’t happened yet. Once it has, I can show you.

I thought I’d show some pictures of my studio. This was prompted by some comments from a bride last year, who said that she felt slightly daunted by not knowing what to expect before she arrived! I have often had relieved comments from people once they’ve met me, having been braced to meet someone scary, and then they see me and that I’m normal! I’m not some stick thin fashionista who’s going to call the fashion police! My studio reflects me, I hope. It’s functional and is definitely a work space, rather than a show room.

There’s a bit of editorial about me on page 95 the February edition of Velvet Magazine if you’re interested, where I talk about having a bespoke dress made, and how and why I do what I do.

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