Slow fashion, slow bridal

written by Rachel Lamb
1 · 08 · 19

Gale wedding dress by Rachel Lamb Design

A post about how I see my business: slow fashion, slow bridal, a cottage industry in the old fashioned way. I also talk about the person my work is for.

Ballista wedding dress by Rachel Lamb Design
For me, New Year always brings with it the setting of intentions and clarifying of thought. Both personal and work based. A lot of it is just reminding myself of my business and what it is. That may sound daft, but micro businesses like mine need regular staff meetings. This means talking to myself a lot and refocusing. So here’s some recent thoughts about my wedding work. It’s a bit stream of consciousness, but hey, that’s how I roll!

The wedding industry is part of the fashion industry and influenced by it. The pressures on women to look and behave in a certain way are immense and I try not to subscribe wholly to this. I want ro keep it real and authentic and to work with people like you and me.
In a recent interview in the Observer Magazine (16.12.18) stylist Grace Woodward said of fashion, “It’s an industry, not an art”, meaning in part, that this is not only what it has become in the context of disposable, fast fashion and how it is promoted, but of designer labels and couture too. Of course fashion has always been an industry and this has been important economically. However this tapped into something about how I have been thinking about my wedding work recently, and how I see it going forward.
Bespoke green wedding dress by Rachel Lamb Design
In this world of mass production and wasteful fashion, I provide a slow service. I’m really into this right now. Infact I’ve always been into this. It doesn’t mean I work slowly! But that this is a service that takes many hours of work, and is therefore not a quick fix service. It’s one off, small runs of garments, made to measure and made to order.
This is an artisan dressmaking and design service for wedding dresses, wedding clothes and occasion wear. A craft, not an industry. Or more of a craft than an industry – a cottage industry.

Made to order, made to fit, custom made, custom designed, bespoke. Wedding dresses are very often one offs. Therefore I have often altered gowns for my brides after the event, or re-purposed them for into a more everyday-wearable garment. What could be made from your dress or outfit?

I specialise in designing and making bespoke bridal gowns and wedding outfits for brides and mothers of the bride and groom, and occasion-wear for that special party you are planning. 

Design sketch by Rachel Lamb Design



I make each dress individually for each client, using couture processes, lots of hand and machine sewing, sketches, and making paper patterns and toiles (prototypes) for each individual client to check the fit and design are perfect.

Prism dress lace applique by Rachel Lamb Design

You don’t have to fit a category, look, shape, size or age of person to have a dress, or other occasion-wear, made by me. I like to cater for all. I am fascinated by people, non-judgemental and I enjoy a challenge! So just show up as you.
Your wedding clothes or bridal gown is an opportunity to express yourself. To conform, or not, it’s entirely up to you. I will be there to guide and assist you on your journey, and to help make it a fun and reassuring experience. I want you to feel great, and to look and feel beautiful. However that works and defines itself for you on your wedding day, or at your event. Slow fashion, slow bridal. We are on a bespoke journey together towards a unique outcome – you looking and feeling fantastic, in a garment that fits! Yay!
Margot dress by Rachel Lamb Design

Are you thinking of having a bespoke wedding dress or outfit created? Here are some FAQs about my bespoke service.

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