Summer breeze

written by Rachel Lamb
11 · 13 · 10
Here are some fab pics to show you of one of my brides from this summer – Felicity, and her husband Julian. They got married locally on one of the hottest days and you can almost smell the hot sun and dry grass when you look at the pictures…

Here they are leaving the ceremony. Felicity’s dress and shrug was made of ivory silk taffeta…

…with a sweetheart neckline. Here’s Felicity’s bridesmaid Jane assisting.

The dress was fitted to the hips and then gently flared out to the hem.

The bodice part of the dress was gently ‘ruched’ across the back and front. Taffeta works very well for ruching – its got that crunchy texture but lies very flat if pleated or ruched.

Here’s a close up of the shrug.

I also made Felicity’s flower-girl’s outfit (see above), and instead of carrying flowers, we decided to make her a lavender heart (with a matching flower attached) to carry, you can see the heart on the pink paper next to her wand! We thought this worked well for little ones who understandably tend to lose their flowers somewhere at the earliest opportunity, whereas a padded heart can be flung all over the place with no ill effects!

Aah, don’t they look good? It’s hard to imagine that it was that hot isn’t it?

Finally, Felicity asked me to embroider their names to the inside hem of her dress, so here we can see that, with hay attached! As well as being plain romantic, and a secret if you don’t want anyone to see, it can also serve as your ‘something blue’ tradition, if you like.
Huge thanks to Felicity for allowing me to use these pics x

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