Surprise, secret wedding

written by Rachel Lamb
10 · 18 · 13

What could be more exciting than to organise your wedding under the guise of a garden party? That’s what Allyson did with the help of her friend Paula (seen above in blue). Not wanting the day to be formal in any way, none of the guests knew Allyson and Clive were getting married until she appeared in her dress and was walked down the aisle by her sons to the accompaniment of a gospel choir!

Well the day was perfect, the weather was splendid and everything went well.

Allyson’s knee-length dress was a peach silk overlaid with ivory pearl-beaded lace and she looked stunning! When Allyson first came to see me she thought she might have a longer length dress, but after sleeping on it for a while, the decision to go shorter, and be more ‘her’, was made.

Allyson sent me a very special thank you card telling me all about the day, and I wanted to share the following kind words of hers:

‘Rachel, I can’t tell you how blessed I was to meet you and for making the whole experience very special, Your work and professional but warm attitude was so lovely and very much part of making my day very very special.’

I’ll post some more close-ups of the dress as it was being made shortly.

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