The Rain it Raineth Every Day…

written by Rachel Lamb
3 · 02 · 11
…but we were cosy indoors with our cups of tea, chocolate biscuits and sewing machines.
A big thanks to everyone who came to the sewing workshop two weeks ago, it was very successful. 
This was the first of these sewing days and it was aimed at complete beginners, although the group was a mixed bag of folk – some with experience and others with none at all, and it worked out really well.
There was opportunity to just get to know your sewing machine…sounds like an obvious thing, but very important for building confidence to just have a go at something.
And to share tips, encouragement, general gossip and frustrations about topstitching with the rest of the group!
I shall run this workshop again – it shall be called ‘Workshop 1’ until I can think of a more interesting title! ‘Workshop 2’ is also in embryo and I shall post details of that as soon as I’ve worked out what we will cover and the dates available. So if you’re interested in learning to sew, or couldn’t make the first workshop, please watch this space for further details. I shall also post details on my Facebook Page.
Oh, and I almost forgot: many thanks to whoever washed up the tea-cups at the end of the day, and to everyone who helped me load up my car! Much appreciated x

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