This week

written by Rachel Lamb
2 · 01 · 12

Do you have hair that needs, or just would like, something pretty in it? Don’t want a tiara or something that sticks up? Just something flattish and decorative? Something that could be good not only for bridal hair accessories, but also just general summer prettiness?

I’ve been playing about with lace and come up with these. They are wired underneath so you can curve them around the shape of your head or make some bits stick out if you desire. These ones are sewn onto a hair clip, but I’m going to put some on bands as well.

These pics don’t show proportion as yet, but at the weekend I will photograph them on my sister’s head (she doesn’t know this yet) so you can see how big they are. The top one is ivory with some twinkles, and the lower one – which is bigger – is ivory with some fine gold thread and twinkles.

I shall be putting them in my long neglected Folksy shop for sale asap, or I can sell directly to you, if you fancy one just drop me an email.

Some work in progress. Lots of hand-sewing this week. 

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