Unusual, icey, Snow-Queen-ish Winter Wedding Dress!

written by Rachel Lamb
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I want you to know that I have a lot of fun with my brides during the whole design and manufacturing process, and this bride and her dress were no exception!

This is Charlotte who only just married a few weeks back. (Congratulations to you both!)

Charlotte first contacted me last summer with some very definite ideas about not wanting to wear ivory, and not wanting to look, in her words, ‘typically bridal’. After lengthy discussion of her ideas, some sketching and looking at various fabrics and images, I advised her to make a trip to some fabric stores in Berwick Street, London, to source the type of beaded fabric she liked. (FYI, I sometimes do advise people to go on a shopping trip for samples if I don’t have the type of fabrics they like to hand, but in most cases I supply the fabrics.)

So Charlotte set off to look and came back with a beaded type of lace and chiffon combination that when applied to her design, resulted in a price that would rival most Hollywood wedding bashes!

So after some further thought, emails, meetings and sketches and a complete colour change, we came up with a design that echoed the feel of the original, but was affordable and actually quite a bit different from the original design!

So, icy aqua chiffon with the tiniest piece of the original lace sample were put together to make her wedding dress with cape combination, which I can now show you.

We had great fun wafting the chiffon around during fittings and getting over excited about the results! She looks great, doesn’t she?

I hope you like it 🙂

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