What has happened since my last post: Part 2

written by Rachel Lamb
4 · 27 · 12

Well, lots of beading, pleating, sewing, lace and handwork is what. Since the Burwash open day, I have completed 5 outfits – 3 of them are wedding gowns, 1 is less a wedding gown and more of a wedding dress, and the remainder a Mother of the Bride outfit. Snippets of the gowns and dresses are seen above, but you’ll have to wait for the MoB pictures because at the time of making, things were so busy that I just collapsed after each day and didn’t take any work-in-progress snaps of it.

Its been a really busy month, but springtime always is even though most of the weddings are in the summer. This is because everything has been started in springtime, whereas, come summer, the numbers remaining to manufacture are actually decreasing, so I’m usually waving goodbye to more than I’m starting by summertime

Anyway, only one of the above garments has been worn so far, and until the weddings have actually taken place I won’t show you any full shots of the garments. I’ll show you some more when I get some pictures through of the actual events.

I’m always excited about each outfit I make and I’m often asked if I have a favourite, and I don’t really. I enjoy each outfit because I’ve made something to suit and fit each individual person, and the whole process is special with each client. Some are more challenging than others, but even that is part of the enjoyment of it all. This month I am especially keen to show you more of one of the above outfits, because its has a touch of something less traditional about it. I’ll save that for another time though.

I’m also aware I’ve not shown you any real weddings for a while and there’s a bit of a backlog building up. My posts are very like buses, none for ages then 3 come along at once, but that is just the nature of my work. So do check back now and again for further updates.

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